Best Settings to run Psychonauts 2 on PC, Fix Stuttering

In this short tutorial, we’ll show you the best settings to run Psychonauts 2 smoothly on PC. 


So let’s start with the Game Mode, make sure that your Game Mode is ON


Xbox Game Bar - OFF


Next, disable all your overlays, Discord Overlay, AMD or Nvidia. Normally, games on steam should be fine but on the game pass Windows Store all those game don't use any overlay. It's always causing stuttering issue, crashes and stuff like that so remove them.


Background Recording - OFF


Recorded Audio - OFF

Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - ON


Make sure that you update your driver Radian, Nvidia or even Intel. This will fix some issues like crashes or stuttering.


In the Power Option make sure that you're using Balance or High Performance.


Now, inside of the game we’ll start with the DISPLAY.


Window Mode - Full Screen 


Resolution - make sure to run at native resolution

Best Settings,  Psychonauts 2, PC, Fix Stuttering


V-Sync - OFF

Max Frame Rate - Here, you can lock your fps. I use 167 because I want to stay in my


Free-Sync range.


Motion Blur - OFF


Brightness - 100




Resolution Scaling - 100


Anti-Aliasing - FXAA


Detail Distance - Medium


Texture - if you have 4GB or more on your Vram go with Very High, 3GB of Vram High, 2GB of Vram Medium and less than 2 GB Low.


Lighting - Medium


Shadows - Medium


Ambient Occlusion - Medium  


Reflections - Medium


Post-Process - Medium