How to Get Started and Progress in Humankind?

Humankind is a video game developed by Amplitude Studios published by Sega. This is a 4X strategy game, much similar to Civilization, where you build up cities, population, cultures and expand out through the map collecting resources. In this short tutorial I wanted to show you how to get started and progress in the game.


Now, to progress in Humankind you'll need to choose a starting culture, found the city and gather Era Stars. There are over 60 cultures to choose from each with its own affinities that will grant particular bonuses and traits. You could begin as an ultra-militaristic people before deciding a few years down the line that you'd actually like to focus on building now that you've not backed the competition. You'll earn fame too, which you'll need to win so make sure you get your hands on as many Era Stars as possible in the early game.


Between fighting with mammoths and sourcing food in the Neolithic era you'll need to keep an eye out for wonders and good locations to call home. So make sure you deploy outposts as fast as you can.


How to Get Started, How to Progress, Humankind

Unlike other 4X games, you can't just kill off other players in the early game and hope for a quick victory. Other civilizations will revert back to a clean state and can rebuild so it's better to offer a militaristic culture either at the beginning to keep your enemies at bay or later on when you have an actual shot at eliminating them, Either star is linked to your affinity earn double fame so only go on the attack if your affinity says so and you have the army to match it.


Managing your resources is key and in Humankind there are four major resources worth keeping your eye on money, science, industry and all important food. Keeping atop these resources will keep your civilization afloat as well as go a long way to carving out a route to victory. Keep your eye on stability though as putting too much into one resource can tip the balance. Building wonders is an excellent use of your resources and time as you strive to earn as much fame as possible but keep an eye on your outpost as everything the light touches can swiftly be taken away from you.


Choosing a good spot to settle cities is crucial in any 4X game, you'll want to consider proximity to natural wonders, high value resources and enemy territory while planning your real estate ventures. Keep in mind though the outposts that are far from your main city will cost more influence so try to choose adjacent tiles where you can. This will help you boost the location's population 2, which is good for industrious or militaristic cultures.