How to Get Started and Progress in Aliens Fireteam Elite AFE?

In this short Aliens Fireteam Elite (AFE) guide, we're going to show how to get started and progress in the game.


Which Class Should You Choose At The Beginning in AFE? If you are just starting out with AFE, it's important to understand that you're never locked into a specific class. At the beginning you'll get four loadouts and you can change between them before missions without restriction. There is a fifth class, the Recon but you only get that by completing the main campaign. The Recons kit is tailor made for the harder difficulties in the game. Their abilities highlight enemies, help reduce damage and restore some ammunition, things you don't really need in the default difficulty. Obviously, the more you play a particular class the quicker you level it up and there are tangible benefits for doing that. At levels 3, 5 and 7 you unlock more slots on your perk grid which means more modifiers which results in better stats. Once you max out a class you also gain access to their top tier perks. Ones that can be a serious power spike to your overall build.

Ping System: AFE has a ping system, it's not great but if you're playing in co-op and need to communicate with your teammates it gets the job done. You may not need this feature at the beginning but once you reach the difficulty, the ability to quickly mark a specific elite enemy becomes essential. Things like warriors and Praetorians come a lot more often in the harder difficulties and they rarely come alone. So remember to ping your focus fire for maximum killing potential.


Star Power: Besides, leveling up your classes you'll also be leveling up your guns at the same time. The more you use a gun the faster it levels up, it's as simple as that. But why do we actually care? each time a gun levels up it gets a new star rating. Each new rating unlocks a new passive buff. 1 to 3 stars is usually something straightforward like stability or effective range. But a 4-star ranking almost always changes the nature of the gun in a drastic way. Take the M12A1 Rocket Launcher, at Rank 4 there's a 20 chance to shoot out an extra rocket every time you fire that is massive when you consider the harder difficulties in the game will push you to your absolute limit. Also keep in mind that your progression on these weapons is universal. So your time investment on a particular gun might benefit you later-on on a completely different class. So pay attention to the weapons you're using and if you plan on pushing into extreme and insane modes later on do yourself a favor now and level up those guns.

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Challenge Cards: Challenge Cards are absolutely game changers when it comes to farming XP and gaining currency. A challenge card can be used before a mission and if you manage to complete said mission with the restriction in place your XP and credit rewards at the end of the round are multiplied. Depending on the Challenge Card this can range from a simple 1.5x bonus all the way up to a 3x bonus and while it may not sound like much it's hands down the best way to level up and get credits. The best thing about the challenge cards is that you can purchase them from SSGT Park in the armory. If you go to his special stock and then navigate down to Challenge Cards you can scoop up packs of three cards for 150 Reps Scrip. It's a no-brainer since these cards pretty much pay for themselves. But just a word of warning you can only activate one per run and while it does look like you can select one for each person on your team at the start of a mission, the game will randomly choose one which means you might waste a card better suited for a different mission if you aren't careful. The other thing to consider is that if you fail a Challenge Card run that card is gone.


Keep Your Eyes Peeled: Now, each level has a hidden cache and those always contain 3 random rewards. The game basically looks at your inventory and hooks you up with 3 things. You don't have like attachments, emotes, paint jobs and consumables and they are not always in the same place. So make sure you're comfortable searching every corner of the map. As you get more familiar with each of the maps you'll learn those areas to check for the caches. You should also know this is not a one and done type of thing every time you load into a mission even if it's one you've completed, there will still be a hidden cache so always keep your eyes peeled for those orange wonders.  


Stock Up On Consumables: If you don't use consumables during a mission then all those turrets, mines and specialty ammo can be banked for use later on. The kicker is that you can only assign two of these items at the start of a run but if you've saved up 15 turrets that's 15 turrets you can use later down the line. It may sound silly but again it all comes down to the harder difficulties where things like mines and turrets are absolutely essential when you're up against four or five elite enemies at once. You can also use these consumables in horde mode and since you only gain rewards after surviving 10 rounds an extra turret may mean the difference between life and death. I think overall it's just a good habit to establish save what you can so you can use it when it really matters.


Lore Hunting: This next tip is for all you lore hunters out there. Each campaign mission has three hidden pieces of intel that players can collect. Of course this is not essential but if you just love the aliens universe and you want to know more about what's going on in the game then definitely keep your eyes peeled. Each of those three hidden intel items spawn in set locations in each campaign mission.


The Perfect Build: The heart of a build in this game comes down to two things your perk grid and your weapons. We talked about the weapon levels before but it's really that perk grid that's going to make or break your run. The grid matters a lot as it can reduce or enhance certain aspects of your build by substantial margins. So if you take the time and really learn how to build a character around a specific gun or ability using the perk grid you'll be pushing end game in no time.


Tactical Opportunities: You already know that Challenge Cards are important but so are Tactical Opportunities, you can find them by going to the bottom left icon in your menus. There you’ll find a set of three challenges, those will reward you for completing certain tasks like killing Synths or playing as a certain class. Don't ignore them because you can do them with your other goals killing two birds with one stone gaining rewards in the process and leveling up in the meantime.