Warzone: Top Gun to Use After Season 5 Update, QBZ Setup

After recent Warzone Season 5 weapon update, the C58 and the KRIG 6 was nerfed and the EM2 was balanced. However, many players are still using those weapons but with the balance update other assault rifles are become much more competitive such as the XM4, FARA and QBZ.

Recently, I've started to do some research to find out my next go to assault rifle in the AR category. Personally, I like to have low recoil guns just due to the fact I have issues tracking targets at fire range and my recoil control is trash at times. Everyone is different some people like to have high damage. However, most of the time that results in extra recoil on the gun just really depends on your play style and personal preference. So on my journey to find my next favorite AR I've been testing out the QBZ and let me say I am impressed, if you like to use the KRIG 6 pre nerf in the Kilo in its Meta days I think you're going to like the QBZ. The QBZ has a very decent TTK, if you're looking at chess shots at range it's only really losing to the fire rate which is also a viable option. 

If you want a higher TTK gun I recommend going with the FARA. The FARA I think is pretty much the fastest TTK in the game at the moment. However, though the recoil is a little bit harder to control that will be the trade-off saying that though the QBZ is a very viable option right now in the AR meta. It has a very competitive TTK, it has very low recoil, ADS speeds are very good and movement is decent. It's an all-around very solid assault rifle that is very easy to use and very accessible.

In regards to the best setup for the QBZ, this is what I would run for the Muzzle: I would go with the Agency Suppressor you get 10% Range, -5% Vertical Recoil and 25% Bullet Velocity. 

Warzone, Top Gun, Season 5, New Update, QBZ, Setup Guide

For the Underbarrel: I will definitely go with the Field Agent Grip you get -7% Vertical Recoil and -15% Horizontal Bounce. This is crucial for those mid to long range fights, it just lessens the recoil for you to track those shots better.

For the Barrel: I would go with the Task Force, for the Added Range and Bullet Velocity you get Range +35%, Vertical Recoil -10%, Horizontal Bounce -10% and Bullet Velocity +50 which is huge when trying to hit your targets at far range. 

There are some drawbacks with ADS and movement speeds but with the ranger benefits I think this is the best barrel. Some people do go with the reinforced heavy barrel however, you can see it's only 18% Range, 25% Bullet Velocity and -5% on Recoil. However, ADS is better and there is no movement penalty. This is personal preference however, for me I'm choosing the Task Force for now for that mid to long range advantage. Ammunition is an interesting one normally the default is always the STANAG 60 Rnd Drums. However, in this case, the fast mag does not have ADS penalty speeds so in this instance I would go the Salvo 60 Rnd fast mag for the ammunition slot.

Finally, I would go with the Optic Axial Arms 3x to fight at long range, the Reticle is up to you. 

So this is the best setup for the QBZ in my opinion.