What’s new in CYBERPUNK 2077 DLC Update 1.3?, Notes

Nearly a year after launch, Cyberpunk 2077 is finally getting its first set of DLC today. It seems as though the game right now is in a decent enough state for the creators to finally start adding the promised small DLC add-ons into the game.


So the patch 1.3 is upon us with CD Projekt stating it's releasing very soon, no exact date has been added but by the time you read this article you may even have it.


The latest update is absolutely massive with its patch notes being linked below. The patch comes with many bug fixes, new features and additions. It also comes with three small DLCs for the game for free.


 These small DLCs bring you two brand new jackets, a brand new car called Archer Quartz Bandit which I love the look of and also an alternative costume for Johnny Silverhand.


So to get the jackets you need to head to your apartment and your stash, I think Viktor may send you a message first, which you may have to read and respond to doesn't matter how you respond you will always get those jackets.


Now, to get the new car, it more or less works the same way, you need to head to the badlands so once you there you'll be notified of a new quest called Quartz Bandit.  This quest will reward you this awesome looking car.

What’s New, CYBERPUNK 2077 DLC, Update 1.3, Notes

The final piece of free DLC is an alternative costume for Johnny Silverhand and to get this is pretty simple.


Remember all these DLCs do come with a 1.3 pack so if you haven't downloaded it yet you won't have any of these. So from the main menu you actually see a new tab called ADDITIONAL CONTENT within this new tab you can see all that new content you have for your game.


Now, to get the old costume to Johnny you need to head into settings then to the new tab of Additional Content and then select Johnny's alt costume, then once you load up Johnny will be in that old costume.


Now CD Projekt have confirmed that this is just the beginning in regards to DLCs for the game, some DLCs will be small like this, some much much bigger but all will be free and we'll see them quite consistently.


The very first DLC for Cyberpunk 2077 comes with a massive patch the 1.3 which fixes many many things and adds many quality of life updates including a better map for when you're driving and much much more.


CYBERPUNK 2077 DLC Patch 1.3 Notes