What's New in Galaxy Z Fold 3

In this article, we’ll show the most useful new features in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.


Let’s begin with the glass: the Z Fold 3 looks much similar to the previous model but it's actually 80% more durable with the new ultra thin glass that can now hold a lot more pressure.


As for the outer screen, we have the gorilla glass vectors for improved resistance and for the first time military grade armor aluminum for the frame that's not only lightweight but also 10% more durable at protecting the internal equipment, durability is the number one thing when buying a foldable phone and Samsung has stepped it up to a whole new level.


Also, unlike last year we have three new colors, phantom black, phantom green and phantom silver. Of course all of them have matte finish and a new minimal vertical camera design.


Next up we have official water resistance rating on top of all the durability upgrades that we have discussed. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is officially along with Z Flip 3 and both phones feature IPX8 water resistance ratings. It means you can use your phone, fold your phone or do whatever you want in rain and there won't be any issues with water splashing but of course this is not IP68 rating so probably submerging it under the water is not a good idea. Still IPX8 rating on a foldable device is a huge thing something that has never been done before.


Next up we have under display camera. The Z Fold 3 is Samsung's first ever phone in history to have a under display camera. It's a brand new 4 megapixel camera sensor sitting under a beautiful 120 Hz AMOLED display. According to Samsung you'll get a full bezel-less experience when you're watching media and especially when you fire up that brightness on the screen. Now, depending on what you have on the display and your environment the under display camera might be more or less noticeable so it may not be 100% transparent but still pretty innovative. You still have a 10 MP front camera sensor on the outer display and for those who want really high quality pictures you can actually use the triple 12 MP camera setup on the back of the phone.

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The galaxy's Z Fold 3 is officially strong enough to be compatible with an actual S-Pen, Samsung has made a brand new S-Pen and S-Pen Pro specifically for the Z Fold 3 so that you can enjoy all the galaxy note features. Now, you can truly take advantage of that large display by drawing or just doing whatever you want to do with the S-Pen without any durability issue.


Now, we've got 120 Hz AMOLED panel on both outer and inner screens and it’s to be a smooth screen experience all the time on all displays.


This time Samsung has done some software adjustment to take advantage of that large screen so you can use up to three apps on the display at the same time, giving you that true multi-tasking experience that you would probably not gonna find on a traditional smartphone display.


Now, moving on to the cameras, literally it's the same as the previous phone but Samsung may have used the latest corning glass that allows more light into the sensor plus it also takes care of the glaring issue.


Lastly, we have free gifts for those who pre-ordered the Galaxy's Z Fold 3: you'll get a note bundle that will have the S-Pen as well as some cases plus you'll get the fast charger out of the box which is probably not going to be available for that usual normal purchase.