Will iPhone 13 Work in Remote Ares?

According to Apple analyst Ming Chie Kuo, upcoming iPhone 13 will feature satellite connectivity. He says iPhone 13 will feature hardware that allows it to link to low-Earth-orbit satellites, letting it to stay connected in regions where 4G or 5G service is unavailable.


Apple is using Qualcomm's X60 baseband chip for iPhone 13 that reportedly supports satellite communications. Kuo goes on to say that network operators would have to collaborate with satellite communications providers to drive iPhones to their satellite network without incurring any additional contracts or fees.


The fact that satellite signals are transmitted far above the earth and do not rely on towers is what makes them useful in remote areas. It would be impossible to place cell phone towers everywhere to ensure continuous signals, so this feature on the iPhone 13 is going to be pretty useful to consumers who reside in or near locations where cellular service isn't accessible, as well as travelers who venture into areas where coverage isn't available but still want the peace of mind of always-on connectivity that satellite phones provide.

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