Best Settings to Run FIFA 22 on Nvidia, AMD Old or New PC

In this guide, we’ll show you the best settings to run FIFA 22 smoothly on low-end or high-end PC with Nvidia / AMD graphics card.


So let's start with the Game Mode, if you have a high end PC then make sure that your Game Mode is at On.  


Xbox Game Bar - Off


I don't recommend using any Overlays, like the one from Discord, Nvidia or AMD.



Background recording - Off

Recorded audio - Off


Nvidia users, make sure to activate Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling (this one is only compatible if you have an Nvidia video card 1000 series or above)


Next, make sure to update your Nvidia or AMD graphics driver. They usually release new drivers alongside major game releases.


In the Power Option make sure that you are running Balance or High Performance.


Next, go to the location where you install FIFA 22. For me it was on my C drive - program file - EA games and FIFA 22.

Go to the EXE file with the FIFA logo (578 MB file) click on it - go to properties - go to compatibility here make sure “Disable fullscreen optimization” is checked.


Next, go to Change high DPI settings and make sure that Override high DPI scaling behavior is checked.


Best Settings, FIFA 22, Nvidia, AMD, High-End PC, Low-End PC

Now, let’s open the Game Settings from the game launcher menu:


Display Configuration

Resolution - Native

I recommend playing this game in Full Screen, don't go with Windowed or Windowed Boarderless as it was causing me a lot of issues like input lag, stuttering etc…

Rendering Quality - Medium (if you have a low or mid-range PC but if you're playing on a laptop with an integrated video card then make sure to run this game at Low. If you have a high-end or more decent PC then you can definitely run this game at High)

MSAA Options (anti-aliasing) - Off


Frame Rate - depends on your screen, if you have like a high refresh rate screen you can  put this one at No Limit on fps. If you're playing on a laptop with 60 earth screen just luck at 60, you don't want to generate too much heat in your PC.