Best Settings to Run NBA 2K22 Smoothly on PC, Fix Stuttering

In this guide, we'll show the best settings to run NBA 2K22 smoothly, without stuttering, on low or high-end PC.


So first of all let's open up your Game Mode option in the Windows and make sure that your game mode is at ON.


Xbox Game Bar - OFF - I don't recommend this it's creating stuttering and also it's creating some sort of like bug sometimes in game artifacts so make sure that this one is at OFF.


Also, make sure that you remove all your different overlays. This will help you with the stability of your game.


Background Recording - OFF


Recorded Audio - OFF


Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - ON - this will help you if you have like a low end or an old mid-range PC. It helps a little bit with the bottleneck.


Next open up your power option and make sure that you run the balance one or the high performance one.


Also make sure that your drivers are up to date. This will fix issues such as crashes.


Next open up your game settings:


Video Settings:


Display Monitor - make sure that you have the proper one for your monitor.


Display Resolution - Native resolution 


Window Mode - Fullscreen


Anti-Aliasing Level - 1


Anti-Aliasing Quality - 0


Refresh Rate - again, it depends on your monitor so make sure that you're running the refresh rate of your monitor.


Vertical Sync - On


Dynamic Vertical Sync - On

Advanced Settings:

Best Settings, Run, NBA 2K22, PC, Fix Stuttering


Shader Detail Level - Medium


Shadow Detail Level - Medium (low-end PC Off )


Texture Detail Level – this really depends on your Vram on your video card. If you have like 4GB and more go with High, 3GB and more Medium and less than 3GB of Vram go with Low.


Player Detail Level - High


Crowd Detail Level - Medium


Media People Detail Level - Medium


Hair Detail Level - Low


Ambient Occlusion - Off


Volumetric Lighting - Off

Temporal Anti-aliasing - Off


Motion Blur - Off


Bloom - Off


Floor Reflection - On

Mirror Reflection - Off


Buffer Count - System default


Max Anisotropy - System Default


Allow Computer Shaders - On


Shader Preload - On