DokeV or Pokemon Which One? Everything We Know So Far

In this article, we are going to talk about DokeV developed by South Korean video game developer Pearl Abyss the studio behind Black Desert Online.


Recently, Gamescom released a new gameplay video and honestly the game looks so much fun but if you know absolutely nothing about this game and you just watched the video it doesn't really give you a clue what you do in this game. It basically just looks like a big load of fun which is not a bad thing. In this article, I want to talk a little bit more about what exactly this game is and what we know so far.


So what exactly is this game? Well, it's officially described as a creature collecting open world action adventure game filled with intriguing stories and set in a unique vibrant world, you befriend the adorable dog heavy which are basically the creatures and they gain strength from and encourage people's dreams and you can then kind of go with them and embark on adventures that's basically the sort of top level premise for the game.


Now, it's worth noting back in 2019 when this was first shown off it was originally supposed to be an MMO given of course that this is Pearl Abyss that is one of their strengths. However, it's worth noting that now it is not described as an MMO it is just described as an open world action adventure game. So much more sort of focused on the exploration and less so about the sort of MMO aspect of things. Also since being kind of advertised like a monster collecting game then you can almost imagine this as like the combination of games like Pokemon, Yokai Watch and sort of like merging those together in this interesting Metaverse that basically according to the developers is designed to highlight and sort of bring back special moments from their childhood.

In fact there was actually a follow-up video where the developers spoke a little bit about what the game is and they said that they wanted to create a game for everyone. The developers were saying how like a lot of the time they think about games that they can play with their kids and they realize they don't necessarily always have something that they can experience together. Basically, the idea is the developers talking about how they wanted something that they could all enjoy it together as a family while still giving you lots of exciting things to do.


So again the focus here being on open world action and supposedly in kind of game play, you'll encounter events and problems that you'll need to solve and of course you'll solve these both with your character and also the Dokebi that you collect. The main story of course revolves around finding these and going on adventures with them and as you progress throughout some of them you'll of course encounter more organically, other ones might actually be kind of hidden. So they'll actually be the sort of exploration aspect behind sort of going around trying to sort of find these uncover them. I'm sure there'll be some really really cool ones that are rather powerful.


DokeV, Pokemon, Which One To Buy, Everything We Know

They want to sort of make sure there's lots of funny and comical elements this but they also said when it comes to combat which actually looks kind of cool because for a lot of the trailer you just see them running around exploring and on the sort of exploration front when it comes to traversal there's loads of cool things to sort of mess around with and seemingly use. You'll see them going around the city on skateboards, there are flying kites one of theme’s riding the back of a Llama. There's even a sort of Mary Poppins style umbrella. In fact they even have basically the wire bug for mustang rise or spider-man's web slinger. However, you want to see it but definitely the visual style looks very similar to the Wirebug from Rise. I'm not complaining that was a fantastic thing. So you've kind of got big fun open world sandbox environment that you can just explore.


However, going back to combat as I was talking about previously it does still have Pearl Abyss’ signature style of action combat but they wanted to make it slightly more accessible for everyone of course given the sort of family nature of the game but that is quite interesting because while I know not everyone is a huge fan of Black Desert, anyone that has played it even if you don't like it you know the monetization model and stuff like that I think a lot of people will generally speaking agree that combat in Black Desert Online and politics games in general is actually really good. In fact that is one of the highlights of the game. It's one of the things that people often talk about outside of the visuals.


So having Pearl Abyss’ sort of signature action style combat worked into this fun vibrant world actually looks hilarious. I mean there's loads of times where they're just using the Dokebi to like fight with them. At one point they bring out a giant hammer and just destroy enemies. In this sort of fun like Nintendo style battle, I mean this is the thing if you hadn't told me that this was created by Pearl Abyss I probably would have thought this was a Nintendo game given the sort of fun kid-like aesthetic having said that it looks a lot of fun. Combat looks cool, exploration looks cool and just the fact that it's like one of those worlds where seemingly you could just jump in and I guess kind of to a degree what you do sometimes if you're playing GTA. Yes, you have a story but then you can also go around and mess around in the world. Even though this is not about stealing cars and peddling drugs this is more so about having fun and living out kid-like adventures but honestly for everything I've seen so far it looks really cool.


Right now, we don't have a release date, it is just slated as in development, potentially it could be next year and they are saying they're going to be targeting consoles and PC but they haven't specified which just yet. So a lot of that stuff is just an unknown, it's just being you know worked on and then of course release it whenever they're happy with it.