FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Tips: Complete FUT 22 Guide

As in the previous installment, you will be able to play the FUT or Ultimate mode in FIFA 22. In this article, you’ll find some useful tips that will help you get started and progress fast in this mode.


Let’s start with the Tutorial: At the very beginning of the FUT mode, you will get a tutorial that will help you to learn the basics of this mode. In this tutorial, you will be able to select a country, a team and an identity for your FUT. The ideal way to begin will be to pick an interesting selection of players like France or England to have very good players from the beginning.


Farm Credits: In FUT, you’ll be able to get credits quite easily without necessarily going through purchases with real money. You will be able get them by doing:


- Weekly and monthly challenges

- By selling players, ideally without which you are not interested in building your team

- Completing the DCEs, Team Building Challenges


Be aware that in the DCE, you will have to get rid of the players you have selected to complete it. So make simple and inexpensive DCEs in order to avoid losing the players necessary for the development of your team.


Play in Squad Battles: in the early hours of play, we strongly recommend that you play in Squad Battle in order to face the AI controlled players. Don’t play directly in Division Rivals or FUT Draft, as you may run into players with very high level teams.


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Plan your dream team: In order to build your dream team you will have to start by planning it. It will therefore, be advisable to build a team that can help you complete the challenges and participate in FUT Champions.


This team will:

- Not expensive

- Have a fairly high team score, between 70 and 80

- Have the maximum collective

- Be a team centered on one or even two championships max to avoid losing collective points by adding better players.


Pay attention to team chemistry: As said above, the collective score will play a big role. It will therefore be advisable to place the players in the right roles since this will also influence this collective score. This team chemistry will also influence the compatibility and relationship between your players and the manager you pick. If a team doesn't get along, don't expect them to be good.


Play regularly: The more regularly you play the more credits you will get and be able to improve your team thanks to the weekly and monthly challenges. If you release the pressure a little, you risk being quickly let go by the other FIFA 22 players.


Install FIFA 22 app: The FIFA 22 app will allow you to get rewards, manage your Ultimate Team, do DCEs (Team Building Challenges), but also share your team compositions. It will therefore be interesting to install it as soon as possible to quickly collect the first rewards.