Fixes, Addition and Changes in AC Valhalla Update 1.3.1

In this article, I want to share some useful tips that are handy to know before you download and install the latest Assassin's Creed Valhalla updates 1.3.1, including the changes they are making to the runes and some things you can already do to prepare.


So the biggest additions to the game are of course the new river raids. So we get three new rivers and they now confirm that there will be two new river champions and also new champions of faith which you will have to take out for five new weapons. So there will be five new weapons in total and I'm really curious how these champions of faith look and how powerful they are so I can't wait to fight them.


The Jomsviking Hall is getting an upgrade too. Just like the Jomsviking ranks which can now go to level 5 and this will then let them carry more rations and do more damage.

Your long ship cargo can also be upgraded after this new update. So you can carry more foreign supplies before you are capped out. I just did a preparation stream where I did some older river raids to stack up on those supplies. So I will immediately be able to get some of the new items from Vagn’s shop and upgrade my bow when the patch hits but you can only do this if you still have items left to buy in Vagn’s shop.


Also important to know is that if you want to play the new maps you likely need to have finished the older ones. So if you haven't done the river raid modes or you are like halfway through the river raid mode totally do it now and then you are ready for when the update goes live. It will be worth it because next to the weapons Lugh's armor is also confirmed as a new armor set.


We will also be able to get the three new abilities in the river raids monasteries. Spinning Harpoon let's Eivor perform a spinning attack that can be combined with other harpoon based abilities. Enemies caught in the spin are knocked back. So harpoon based abilities is just the Harpoon Impalement right, curious how this works?

We got a new ranged ability for enemies with shields, Percussion Arrow hit an enemy’s shields to create a shockwave that staggers and damages nearby enemies.


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We got Precision extra where you throw an axe at the enemy's weak points. I hope it's better than the other extra abilities which are not that good but overall cannot wait to use them.


Then we get to the Rune Perk changes in short runes from both weapons are not combined anymore. So for example if you have speed on one weapon and crit chance on the other first both effects would apply to both weapons but after this update you will only notice the speed on the Durendal in this case and the crit chance on the Wretched Scythe. So it's basically a nerf for runes on weapons but some stats like assassination damages, fire damages, etc. do still work on both weapons and runes on armor also still work for your whole character. My theory is that we will see more of a one weapon meta after this because using two weapons actually decreases the attack of both weapons. First was like okay ideal less damage but I do get the bonuses and the runes from that other weapon well, that will not be the case anymore. So what they're doing to kind of balance it out is they're removing the perk and rune cap. How it basically works is right now if you would stack attack buffs for example you would very easily hit a cap where then all the other attack bonuses would not count anymore but now after the update we should be able on Paper to go crazy and get really high extra attack stats which should be fun to check out and see if it really like matters and impacts your gameplay.

I already touched on the Nightmare Difficulty but now we know that while playing on this new difficulty the damage you take is increased by 200% so that's three times the damage you would receive when playing on the Normal Difficulty.


They also made the changes to the other difficulties namely decreasing the health you get from a heal it will be 8% on heart and you only get 60% of the health from a heal on Very Hard and the Nightmare Difficulty also get those community created tattoos.


Players who cannot upgrade their settlement to level 6 due to the lack of supplies will now be able to purchase supplies at the settlement merchant only available at level five. So if you were stuck I know it can be hard to like find the final supplies that should be fixed now too.