Fixes, Changes and New Bugs in No Man's Sky Frontiers Patch 3.61

We have another No Man's Sky Frontiers patch called 3.61 that was released yesterday.


The new update fixed a ton of crashes but players encountered a number of really annoying new crashes especially when it comes to reloading save files. However, this was fixed in the experimental branch earlier this morning and now it's fully live with patch 3.61.


There are a number of other crashes in there that have also been addressed. Especially, the more random ones - including fixes to crashes related to placing base parts to ones related to creature and NPC locomotion.


There's also some physics related crashes that have been addressed with this new update and others related to settlement and PC behavior. Furthermore, rendering related crashes and revisiting planetary settlements while a freighter base was spawned nearby have also been addressed with this new update 3.61


Now, on top of that we also have some other settlement bugs that have been addressed in the new update. So they fixed a bug that caused settlement buildings to fail to complete when their timer had finished.


On top of that they've also fixed a number of collision issues with street lights and settlements and I've noticed that generally speaking snapping and placing things next to each other works better with update 3.61.


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Now, I'm not sure if they also fixed the next bug on the list which is basically the fact that you would not see the benefits from your settlement even after the timer right there at the bottom ran off. I’ve tested this right after the new update went live and I managed to set up my first town, I waited for the timer to run off but I did not get the settlement benefits. Especially, the debt number did not change at all for some reason. So I'm not sure what that was about. Let me know down below in the comments if that has changed in the new update or if you got a chance to test this out for your own.


There's a bunch of other changes in there that are pretty significant especially for fleets and expeditions that kind of stopped working for some reason in the new update. So they fixed an issue not being able to start new fleet expeditions or purchase new frigates and they've also fixed the bug causing fleet debrief screen to close prematurely but I think that those were the main two concerns that people had with fleets.


Finally, there's a bunch of other fixes to base building. So they fixed the snapping issues with cuboid rooms. They've also fixed snapping issues with moon pools and the fake snapping issues with wall hangings and the lights. I think that these were the main changes that I noticed when it came to snapping things.


Furthermore, they fixed an issue that prevented refiners from snapping correctly to large base rooms and they've also fixed an issue with various large base parts from correctly snapping to each other and yes I think that this was actually the one that finally fixed things for me.


Finally, they've also fixed snapping issues with the canopy parts and overall this is most of the changes that we've seen in the new update. You can of course go ahead and check the rest of them, there's a plenty of them out there that have also been addressed with a new update including the issue that would cause NPCs to walk straight through doors instead of we know waiting for them to open up. So at least that's one of the of the new fixes that I've noticed with the new update.


Now, there is one small problem I might say which is not really that small because it's actually quite big with the settlements. For some reason start really well like you're getting all of those objectives to build a new structure for example or to resolve a certain dispute between citizens or just you know go in and maybe create an expedition with other various NPCs, those work within the first few hours but then they pretty much stop like all of those random events kind of stop and you don't really get anything new to further develop your settlement, improve it, grow it up. So I'm not sure what that is all about but I believe this is a bug and I think that it should be addressed with a future update.