How Career Mode Works in FIFA 22? Getting Started Guide

As in the previous installment, you will be able to play Career mode in FIFA 22. However, the latest mode has some new features and in order to progress fast in your first hours of play we are going to give you some useful tips and advice.


Pick your club wisely

It is important to choose your club wisely as it greatly decide your career. By making the decision to join a big club, especially in the English league, you’ll get more benefits but the requirements will be much more demanding. We therefore, advise you to start with a division 2 club from a major league in order to start your career easily and to better understand all the mechanics of FIFA 22 career mode.


Focus on your goals

At the beginning of the season, the manager will give you the objectives to be respected for the season. You’ll have to try to respond to his request as much as possible, because if you do not do so, you may not last long within the club. That's why joining a Division 2 team will make your career start easier.


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Play the pre-season matches

Remember to do the preseason matches and tournaments well in order to make money, but also to see the strengths and weaknesses of your current squad. This will make it easier for you to know what positions you will need to recruit to strengthen your team.


Recruit young players

To strengthen your team or to achieve added value, we advise you to recruit promising young players. Some will be future nuggets and others can be disappointments, but if you recruit and train them, you will be able to make a good profit on reselling the player.

Regularly check the players at the end of the contract and free players

One of the most important things in career mode will be to keep an eye out for terminated or free players. You will be able to have a chance to recruit a player that interests you at a lower cost but also to recruit players with an interesting market value and who could replenish your crates if you resell them in order to recruit better players later. You will still have to pay to offer them a contract that is attractive to them.



When making transfers, we recommend that you offer trades when you want to get a specific player. It will thus be interesting to propose one of your players in the negotiations for the transfer in order to reduce the cost requested for the player which interests you, but also to lighten your payroll in the process by getting rid of a player who could not having been in your plans for your future team.


Use your Scouts wisely

The scouts will be one of the most important points of the game. It will be necessary to take advantage of your scouts to the maximum in order to know more about the player, who interests you like his possible salary requirements but also assure that you will not do a big mistake by buying him.


Manage your workforce

Managing your workforce will be very important and you will need to pay particular attention to two points of your training. The first one is the happiness of your players. If they're not happy, they could ask for a transfer or ask for a resignation. So try as much as possible to keep your promises, meet their demands and increase their morale by attending press conferences. In addition, happy players will perform better on the ground.


The second point is staff turnover. In order to avoid toasting your players and to have the best possible players during big games, it will be necessary to keep your team running. We therefore, advise you to have a B team that could be efficient in order to be able to rest your main players.