How to buy the Fortnite X Balenciaga Collection, Skin?

Fortnite has just revealed its new partnership with famous fashion company Balenciaga. In addition to the new skins that will be available from September 21 in the game, it will be possible to acquire Fortnite X Balenciaga clothing.


The new collection is already online and anyone can access it and find out all the items on sale, made up of 18 different pieces with shoes, t-shirts or even caps. To do this, go to the Balenciaga online store, in the Fortnite tab. You will be able to discover all the clothes on sale as well as their prices!


As this is a luxury brand, the prices are obviously high! The cheapest items are the caps, which cost $ 395 each . For the most expensive clothes count $1290 for the gamer shorts! If you want to get one of these clothes, you have to be prepared to pay the price.

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Alternatively, you can also visit the Fortnite Item Shop to find out the virtual collection, which consists of four skins. It will be available from 2 a.m. on Tuesday, September 21!