How to Fix FIFA 22 Server Error or Connection Issues?

During your sessions on FIFA 22, you will occasionally encounter connection issues. In some cases, it could be a problem with EA servers, but other times it is an issue on your own connection. In this short tutorial, we’ll show you several fixes to resolve your problem.


So how to find out whether the EA servers for FIFA 22 are online or not?

It's easy to find out if EA's servers are available. Go to the FIFA 22 page on EA Help to check if the servers are online. You’ll then just have to click on the Server Status button to see the status of your server displayed whether you are on PC or consoles, these will all be visible.


If the servers appear in green, it means that they are online and you probably have a problem on your end. But if the servers appear in red, it is probably that maintenance is in progress or that the servers are unavailable for some other reason. In these cases, EA will communicate on its Twitter account to keep players informed. And if you're playing on consoles, here's how to keep up to date with server status:


-  On PlayStation consoles, you can check the AskPlayStation account for information on PlayStation Network services.


-  On Xbox consoles , you can check the XboxSupport account for the latest news about Xbox Live services.


How to Fix, FIFA 22, Server Error, Connection Issues

What if you can't sign in to FIFA 22?

If you are unable to sign in, you can take the following steps to troubleshoot your problem.


- Restart your router: Turn off your router and restart it a minute later to see if you can reconnect.


- If you are on consoles: You can just turn it off and then restart it, in some cases this will solve your problem.


- Change DNS: This solution is undoubtedly the most complicated for the uninitiated, but it will be easy for you to modify your DNS (Domain Name System) if you come to follow the explanations provided by Google and their free service.

- If you are connecting via a WiFi connection, your connection may not be stable enough, so we recommend using a wired connection via an Ethernet cable to stabilize your connection.


If your issue is still not resolved, then you can check out EA's article on connection issues or submit a service ticket on EA Help to have an advisor assist you in resolving it.