Best Settings to Run Kena Bridge of Spirits on Old, New PC

In this short tutorial, I’ll show the best setting to run Kena Bridge of Spirits (KBoS) smoothly on low-end or high-end PC.


So let's start with the Game Mode,  make sure that your Game Mode is activated.


Xbox Game Bar - Off


Captures: Background Recording - Off / Recorded Audio - Off


Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - Off (for low-end or mid-range computer users)


Make sure to update your graphics driver


Under the power option, make sure that you're running Balance or High Performance.


Next, open the game’s Graphics Settings


Window Mode - Windowed Fullscreen


Resolution - Native


Graphic API - Directx 11 for low-end PCs / Directx 12 for high-end PCs


VSync - Off


Quality - Medium

Advanced Graphics

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Visible - Medium


Screen Percentage - 85 or 90


FPS Limit - if you don't want to generate too much heat in your PC, then definitely lock your fps at like 60.

Depth of Field - Limited


Motion Blur - Off


Volumetric Fog - Medium


Ambient Occlusion - Medium


Post Processing Quality - Low


Textures - If you have 4 GB and more of Vram on your GPU you can definitely go at Ultra, 3 GB High, 2 GB Medium and less than 2 GB Low.


Foliage - Medium


Shadows - Medium