MH Rise: Is it Worth Doing White Desert Blossom Quest?

In this short tutorial, we’ll be covering one of the new event quests called White Desert Blossom added to the Monster Hunter Rise.

As always you can claim this quest event by talking to the courier Palico found in the center of Kamura village.


The White Desert Blossom is a 7-Star hiring quest that requires hunters to be hunter rank 8 or above and has players taking on Rakna Kadaki in the Sandy Plains. It is a standard Rakna Kadaki there's nothing too special about it whatsoever but why would you want to do this quest? Well, it's worth doing this quest at least once in order to obtain the rewards which are a sticker set, the endemic life sticker sets which allow you to communicate with your fellow hunters using cute stickers to display your emotions and more. So the event quest is worth doing at least once but apart from that there isn't really anything too special about the new event quest.


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Unfortunately, I've always admired event quests that give us stickers but they're only really worth doing once in all. Honesty, it's not something that we're going to be repeating over and over again and farming extensively.