Unlock Silver, Golden Suit of Armor, Get 100XP: Tales of Arise

In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how to unlock Silver Suit of Armor and Golden Suit of Armor and earn 100 XP boost easily in Tales of Arise.


So in order to do that we need to get two artifacts, first one is going to be called the Silver Suit of Armor and then the second one is going to be called the Golden Suit of Armor.


So in order to get the first artifact you need to find and heal the soldier at Talka Pond Road. This will unlock his next sub quest called Missing Lover. Once you start this quest it's going to take you around to a couple different places and then it will circle around the map until you get back to that soldier that we just healed.

Tales of Arise, Silver Suit of Armor, Talka Pond Road, Soldier,


Afterwards you'll just turn in that quest and it will unlock their next sub quest called Their Future. This quest is very simple all you have to do is go to a wedding in Saxleoh Temple in Pelegion and once you complete it this will unlock the first artifact which is called the Silver Suit Of Armor and that will give you a 20 XP boost.


Their Future, Sub Quest, Saxleoh Temple, Pelegion, Silver Suit Of Armor

So now it's time for the next one, it is called the Golden Suit Of Armor and this one's going to give you an 80 XP boost. So for this we just need to complete one quest and this is called the Spirit Temple. In this quest you have to complete three battles, first battle is against a group of enemies, second one is gets a boss which is probably the hardest part and then the third one is against the main boss. After you complete the battles just head back to the quest giver he's going to give you the Golden Suit Of Armor artifact which will give you an 80 XP boost.  


Spirit Temple, Golden Suit Of Armor, Tales of Arise

So these sub-quests will give you a 100 XP boost and they going to help you level up fast in Tales of Arise.