3 Ways to Destroy Battle Tanks in Battlefield 2042

In Battlefield 2042, enemy tanks will be quite annoying and can do a lot of damage to your team. In this guide, we’ll show you three easy ways to destroy them in the game.

As in the previous installment, you will encounter many enemy vehicles in BF 2024, among these combat vehicles you’ll find the tanks. It will of course be possible to destroy these tanks easily.


To do this, there are several methods, the first of which is to equip yourself with a Recoilless M5 Rocket Launcher, the basic gadget of the Engineer class embodied by Boris. It should be noted that in BF 2024, this equipment is not limited to only one specialist (or class) and you can equip it on all the characters of the game.

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The second way is to shoot them down using a vehicle, be it another tank, a chopper or even a fighter plane but of course, you will have to be precise.


As for the last method, you can stick them a C4 explosive or throw grenades at them.