AFK Arena All Active Codes (October, November 2021)

There are few in-game currencies in AFK Arena that you either have to work hard to get or can buy them for real money. With redeem codes you can get diamonds or gold coins for free. In this guide, we’ listed all valid codes for you and also show you how you can redeem the promo codes!


How to redeem codes in AFK Arena?


If you want to enter the codes and add the rewards to your account, you have to proceed as follows:


First you have to open the AFK Arena redeem code page.


On the side you will be asked for your UID, your user ID that you probably don't know it by heart. In the game, click on the character portrait in the upper left corner and select "Details" to find out your ID. Enter the ID in the first text field.


In the second field you have to insert the verification code. You can find this in your settings when you click on the "Verification Code" button.


Finally click on the login button.


This will verify your account and create a link. You can then use the website to redeem the codes from our list. After you have entered a code, the rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox.


AFK Arena, All Active Codes, October 2021, November 2021

All Active Codes as of October 29, 2021



1,000 diamonds

2 large boxes of hero EXP

8 large boxes of gold

2 large boxes of hero essence



100 diamonds

100k gold coins



100 diamonds

100k gold coins



100 diamonds

100k gold coins



100 diamonds

100k gold coins



100 diamonds

100k gold coins



30 Ordinary Hero Scrolls


300 diamonds

20k gold coins

100 hero essences



500 diamonds

60 “Rar” hero soul stones

5 ordinary hero scrolls