Back 4 Blood B4B Get Started, Survival Guide for Beginners

In our quick guide, we’ll share some useful tips to help you get started on your adventure through Back 4 Blood (B4B). 

These tips will cover many gameplay points and it will be advisable to follow them if you want to have any chance of survival in B4B.

- If you don't play with your friends, be flexible and don't try to focus on just one character in the game. Of course, we recommend that you choose a character based on what your team is lacking. 

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It is very important to choose your cards based on your character's role. Don’t try to take cards giving you for example a bonus in ammunition if you play Hoffman who can generate it by eliminating enemies. So pay attention to the talents of your teammates, but also of your character in order to choose the best possible deck.

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In order to have a better chance of survival in B4B, it is important that you are grouped together. Also remember to be placed effectively with in particular a melee character or a little resistant in the front like Evangelo or Holly and the support characters in the back.

In the game, friendly fire will be activated, so do not try to shoot at all costs otherwise you risk killing your allies more quickly and especially your team being eliminated by the infected.

Some players will probably be tempted to accumulate a maximum of copper coins, but it could cost the failure of your mission. If you see that some players on your team are less well equipped, feel free to purchase equipment for them to ensure the survival of your group. The same goes for healing and ammunition, don't try to keep it just for yourself!

During the missions, you will occasionally have larger fights than others. So manage your care items and especially check that others are not in the area before using them to heal a teammate whose life is relatively low. Also remember not to use a heal if your teammate's health is not below 50%.

It will be important to have a plan before you venture into a new area. Some players will undoubtedly have a little more experience and will know better the environment that you are going to discover. So think about discussing together via voice chat or writing to talk about the procedure and especially to choose the necessary equipment from the seller.