Battlefield 2042: Everything about Hazard Zone new mode

Battlefield 2042 will get a brand new mode called Hazard Zone and in this article I want to quickly go over what this mode is all about.


The Hazard Zone was set in the year 2040 there was a worldwide blackout event that reduced the world's number of satellites. So temporary low orbit satellites became the new way to gather intel and these satellites are then brought crashing down and it's your task to go and retrieve the data from these.


Now, the gameplay of the new mode starts as four-member squad. So you can go in with four people including yourself and you effectively need to locate and retrieve the data drives from the satellites. You have to do so whilst fighting opposing squads with the very same objective. Basically, you're all going to be funneled towards similar a location which is going to invariably create conflicts. However, the interesting thing about this mode is that you then choose how long you want to stay in the zone to either gather as many drives as possible or extract a little bit earlier.


It is worth noting you do not want to be caught in this zone too long because things will not go your way.


It's also worth noting you will battle both enemy teams and enemy AI and while of course you will encounter enemies along the way.


The main objective of the new mode is to extract with as many data drives as possible. There are two extractions that take place throughout the game. So technically speaking only two squads can make it out alive and of course you succeed if you survive and you extract.


However, on top of that there is a sort of meta game worked into Hazard Zone. The data drives you have, they have values assigned to them and these drives are then converted into what they call dark market credits. It is basically like a currency system specifically for hazard's own because those credits are then spent before each match to equip weapons gadgets and tactical upgrades that are unique to hazard zone.


So when you break down the actual mode itself there are effectively five unique phases to the gameplay. The first one is strategize and equip, you're presented with a briefing, you then have possible uplink locations and of course the occupying forces the AI and you also have your insertion points where you're going to begin the game. So you use this to plan your loadouts.


Battlefield 2042, Hazard Zone, Mode Guide

The second phase of course is to then insert you deploy at your predetermined destination.


Your third phase is then to retrieve data drives. You have a unique scanner to hazard's own that allows you to find approximate locations. So when you're doing your sort of preparation phase you want to make sure that at least one member of your team brings the tactical intel scanner. Mid-game there will be new satellites that drop with even more data drives and these are much more valuable.


You then of course have phase number four which is the extraction. You always want to consider how and when to extract. The first extraction window happens roughly halfway through the mode. It's a randomized location chosen and you basically have to hurry and potentially fight to board the chopper.


Meanwhile, there is the fifth phase which is the last extraction very close to the end of the match. Keep in mind if you linger for this long all remaining squads will have to battle over the final extraction. However, it is worth noting if you get left behind or you die you will lose everything. But if even a single member of your squad gets onto the chopper then you'll still be rewarded.


Now, structurally if you're playing on last gen systems Xbox and PlayStation this mode will support up to 24 players.


Meanwhile, if you're playing on Xbox Series X, PS5 and PC it'll support up to 32 players.


The hazard zone game mode can take place on all maps that are currently confirmed for the all-out warfare game mode, so basically the large-scale maps.


It is also worth noting that specialists in Hazard Zone are restricted, so you can't have two of the same. So if you're going as a squad you have to play different roles. Also in game, if you're downed you can call to safety but if you die you go to a Spectator mode and your teammates can then bring you back by using a tactical uplink. So that is functionally how it plays it's mode, all about dropping in working as a small squad and basically trying to retrieve as many data drives as possible and extracting with that loot.