Best Settings for High FPS: Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

In this quick guide, we’ll show you the best settings to run Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy smoothly on low or high-end PC.


So let’s start with the Game Mode, make sure that this feature is turned ON 


Xbox Game Bar - OFF


Under the capture, make sure that the Background Recording and the Recorded Audio is turned OFF.


Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - ON


Next, make sure that your graphics driver is up-to-date.

Under the power option, make sure that you're playing balance or high performance.


Now, let’s open the game settings - go to the Display.


Make sure that you are playing this game at Full Screen.


Refresh Rate - use proper refresh rate for your monitor.


Vsync - ON


Dynamic Resolution - OFF


Resolution Scale - 100


AMD Fidelity FX CAS Sharpening - if you like sharpening you can definitely go with something like 40%.

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Graphic Settings


Anisotropic Texture Filtering – if you are playing the Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy on high end PC then you can go with 16x. For low-end PC users you can go with 4x and if you're playing on an integrated GPU go with 2x.


Level of Detail - MEDIUM


Shadow Quality - LOW


Texture Quality - if you have 3GB or more of Vram go with HIGH and if you have less than 3GB go with LOW.


Ray-Traced Reflections - OFF


Ray-Traced Transparent Reflections - OFF


Make sure that Screen Space Reflections / Motion Blur / Radial blur / Chromatic Aberration / Lens Flare and Depth of Field are all turned OFF.


Light Scattering - LOW