Best Settings to run Riders Republic, PC Optimization Guide

In this optimization guide, we’ll show the best settings to run Riders Republic smoothly on PC.


Let’s start with the Game Mode, make sure that this feature is On.

Xbox Game Bar - Off


Background Recording and Recorded Audio - Off


Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - On


Also make sure to update your graphic driver software.


Under the power option make sure to select Balance or High Performance.


Now, let’s go to the game settings




Best Settings, Run, Riders Republic, PC Optimization Guide

Window Mode - Fullscreen


Active Display - Make sure that you are using the proper display.


Resolution - Native


Brightness and Contrast - Personal Preference


Refresh - use default refresh rate for your monitor


Vsync - Off


Pixel Scale - 90


Extended FOV - Default (100)


FPS Limit - Unlimited

HDR - Off


Graphics Option


Overall Quality - Custom


Shadow Quality - Medium


Terrain Texture Quality - Depends on your Vram, so if you have like 3GB you will definitely need to go at Low.


Grass Quality - Medium


Reflection - Low


Snowtrail Quality - Medium


Water Quality - Medium

Anti-Aliasing - Low


Ambient Occlusion - Medium


Anisotropic Filtering - Depends on your GPU, if you run this game on a laptop with an integrated video card definitely go with something like x4.


Motion Blur - Off