Best Settings to Run The Riftbreaker on PC with no Lags

In this short guide, we’ll show the best settings to run The Riftbreaker smoothly on PC.


So let's start with the Window optimization.


Game mode - ON


Xbox Game Bar - OFF


Background Recording - OFF

Recorded Audio - OFF


Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - OFF (if you have an Nvidia card 1000 series or

more recent one)


Next, make sure to update your graphics driver.


Under the power option, make sure that you use Balance or High Performance.

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Optimize Game Settings


Option - Settings - Graphics


Resolution - use your native resolution


Full Screen - Here you have a couple of options by default and it's always go back to borderless window but I didn't see a big difference between borderless and the full screen. So honestly just use whatever you want.


FidelityFX Super Resolution - Quality


Graphics Advanced


Ray Traced Shadows, Ray Traced Shadows Quality and Ray Traced Ambient Occlusion - OFF


Shadow Quality - Medium


Soft Shadow - ON


Ambient Occlusion - ON


Dynamic Vegetation - OFF


FidelityFX Variable Scaling - ON


FidelityFX Sharpening - ON


Texture Filtering - if you have 4GB or more of Vram just go with 16x, if you have something older PC go with 8x and if you're playing on like an integrated GPU on your cpu go something like 2x or 4x.