Best Strategy to Win Games in Age Of Empires 4 (AOE)

In this quick guide, we’ll show you the best strategy to win matches in Age Of Empires 4 (AOE). 


The best strategy to success in AOE4 is to play with England and quickly produce longbow archers in order to eliminate all of the opponent's villagers and their environment. To do it, you can follow the following tips:


Produce food to make the villagers necessary for this strategy.


After producing 3 villagers, send them to collect gold nearby and make a miner's camp to save time on travel.


Then build a Council Hall, one of the buildings unique to this nation.


While the building is under construction, make a logging camp and harvest wood with the help of at least 7 villagers.


Once you've collected some wood and meats, start producing your archers from Council Hall.


Produce at least 9 archers to eliminate each villager in one shot.


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You just have to hit and run to eliminate all the enemy villagers, but also to avoid losing your units.


Regularly send your scout to check where your enemies are trying to gather resources while some of your archers are building two battering rams.


Attack your enemies after building the two rams.