Best Warzone PS4 Controller Settings, Tweaks to Improve FPS

The size of the map and the number of players can decrease your FPS in Warzone and this will affect your gaming experience. In this article, we’ll give you some settings to modify to get the most out of the Battle Royale!


PS4 users don’t have many options to optimize their FPS, but certain tweaks can be useful to put all the chances in your side!


Options to modify to optimize your experience on Warzone:


We do not recommend using a Wi-Fi connection to play Warzone, the latency is higher and can sometimes affect your gaming experience. An Ethernet connection is therefore preferred.


Best Warzone PS4, Controller Settings, Tweaks, Improve FPS

Disabling motion blur will allow you to better identify opponents, objects, objects when you are on the move. It is therefore advisable to deactivate this option so as not to miss anything!


Disable film grain, an option that makes the image less sharp and gives the image a “retro” feel. The problem is, the option decreases your vision and can lower your FPS. To play in optimal conditions, it makes sense to deactivate it.


The various options above will therefore allow you to gain in playing comfort but also in performance. However, if there are still areas where you experience big drops in performance, we advise you to wait for an update from the developers which will take care of optimizing it for your console.