Fortnite: How to Use Melee Weapon to Complete Dire’s Quest?

The latest Fortnite update Chapter 2 Season 8 brings two new NPCs and each of them give a series of five quests. However, one of NPCs, Dire, quests can be confusing if you don't know exactly what a melee weapon is!


Indeed, it will ask you to do damage to wildlife with a melee weapon. But what weapon is it exactly? The answer is simple, the only melee weapon in the game is the pickaxe, so you will have to deal damage to the animals that you come across.


What are the melee weapons and how to use them to complete Dire's quest in Fortnite?


Fortnite, How to Use, Melee Weapon, Complete Dire’s Quest

As you will have understood, the pickaxe is the solution to this quest! It won't be easy to deal damage this way to animals, however, the easiest way is to weaken the animal you are targeting by removing HP from it with a ranged weapon, then pick it up. Repeat until you've dealt enough damage to complete the quest! You can also go there equipped with bandages and health kits to heal yourself if the animal has removed too much health from you.


The last trick that may work well is to do the quest with friends! In this way, you will be able to inflict damage to several on the same animal and complete the quest more quickly. It will be validated for the whole team, and the XP gained will be shared.