How to change NVIDIA Warzone Filter, Settings Guide

NVIDIA allows Warzone players to enjoy graphics enhancements through filters. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use them.


If you are looking to take advantage of NVIDIA filters in Call of Duty: Warzone, you will need to have the GeForce Experience program installed and use shadowplay.


Once the program is installed, launch Warzone then press the ALT + Z keys to access the options and then click on Filter Games. You will then be able to modify the various filters available.



Refine: 30%

Ignore film grain: 0%


How to, Change Filters, NVIDIA, Warzone Filter, Settings Guide


Refine: 10%

Clarity: 30%

HDR tone: 30%

Bright blur: 0%


Exposure / Contrast 

Exposure : 0%

Contrast : 19%

Highlights : 3%

Dark tones : -80%

Gamma : 0%



Tint color : 0%

Color intensity : 0%

Temperature : -11.6

Brightness : 90.9

Please note that these parameters ​​are given as a guide and they may not correspond to what you are looking for in order to enjoy an optimal experience on the game.