How to Fix FPS Drops and Stuttering in Battlefield 2042?

While playing Battlefield (BF) 2042, you will occasionally experience stuttering and FPS drops. Here is a quick guide to solve this issue:


Make sure that your PC meets the minimum requirements.


Switch to a wired connection instead of playing over WiFi.


Update your graphics card. As a reminder, you must use the GeForce Experience program for Nvidia cards and AMD Radeon Software for AMD cards.


Play full screen instead of windowed screen.


Lower the graphics settings of the game in Settings (Options) and go to the Video tab disable Overlay, to find out how, you can read the QM Gamers article.

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Do not overclock your graphics card. To change this setting, you will need to restart your computer and click on the key indicated on restart to access the BIOS.


Adjust your FPS in Graphics Settings and limit them to those of the Hz display of your screen.