How to Get Supply Points Easily in Back 4 Blood?

In Back 4 Blood (B4B), Supply Points will allow you to unlock new cards or cosmetics. To get it, you have to follow certain rules. In this guide, we’ll show you how to farm Supply Points in B4B quickly.


In order to be able to get supply points in B4B, you have to play the campaign. However, the solo campaign does not count here, because here you will not be able to unlock either Supply Points or the missing characters.


If you don't feel like playing B4B in multiplayer, then you won't get very far, because the game is designed for a multiplayer experience.  


The rule is quite simple: the more difficult the challenge, the more Supply Points you will get. Also you have to pay attention to the following:


How, Supply Points, Back 4 Blood

The more real players are in the team, the stronger the opponents become and the challenge increases.


The difficulty levels bring higher reward. At the beginning, you can always play Act 1 Chapter 4 and try to farm Supply Points. The reward at this level is quite high for the beginning.


Of course, the level of difficulty also plays a major role. On "Survivor" you will get less Supply Points than on "Nightmare."