How to Play Far Cry 6 for Beginners: Getting Started Guide?

If you are new to the Far Cry 6 (FC6) and looking for guide to get started then we've got advice on how to play FC 6 along with a set of useful tips.


What is the fastest way to make money in Far Cry 6?


If you like to buy all the different weapons armor and a bunch more you're going to need a lot of money and the fastest way to get money in FC6 is through cockfighting.


So there are three different difficulties that you'll go through. First, one will reward you 100 second one will give you 300 and then the final one will give you 500 so definitely the last one is going to make you the money fast.


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However, before you jump all the way to the hardest difficulty you want to practice a bit on the first two. So in order to win you just need to win two out of the three rounds, just practice on your dodging and then you're attacking and you'll be good to go. It's really not that bad and you'll make a ton of money fast.

All Rooster Locations:

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Now, at the early stage of the game you're going to need uranium in order to trade in for weapons, keep in mind as you start to rank up you're going to unlock more of the weapons and backpacks. So before you get started and looking for this stuff stop at the workbench, mod your backpack and add the dynamite. You're going to need this in order to destroy some anti-aircraft missiles.


All Anti-Aircraft Missiles / Uranium Locations:

Anti-Aircraft Missiles, Uranium, Locations Map

So you’ll always find anti-aircraft missile and the uranium in the same area so you might as well kill two birds with one stone, destroy the anti-aircraft with dynamite and pick up the uranium so that you can trade in for weapons.


Also make sure you mod your backpack for example: sticky grenades are great for foot soldiers, EMP grenades are great for vehicles, throwing knives are good for stealth and then the dynamite which is good for the anti-aircrafts which we just mentioned above. So these are the couple ones that I recommend but test it out and set them up to how your play style is.


So after you leave the first island there's going to be three different storylines and each one has a camp, each camp has a foreman and each foreman will allow you to build two of the six buildings. One of the first buildings that I recommend to build is the hideout network. Main reason why is because these hideout networks are going to unlock a bunch of different hideouts that you can fast travel to plus it's going to unlock the wingsuit. This is extremely helpful trying to get around the map when there isn't that many fast traveling points early on and you can drop in use your wingsuit and get to places faster. Now, there are other locations where you can unlock fast traveling points like clearing bases or checkpoints but this is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to unlock fast traveling points by just building the hideout network. This is something I recommend you do right away.


If you want to run like the terminator then you need to get the Parkour Gear Set. Main thing about the gear set is it will give you better stamina and you'll be able to run faster. This is extremely useful if you like to be on foot and then go and search for all the different collectibles. Now, one thing to note is you can get this early in the game on the very first island. Here is a map to all five of the locations that you need to go to and loot the crate.

Parkour Gear Set, Collectible Locations, Far Cry 6, FC6

Once you get all five of them you can easily go into your menu select one and you can easily equip the whole set with one button. 


Next up is Chain Kills and this depends on how close enemies are to each other. So if they're side by side, to do a chain kill you need to press the left stick in the direction of the next enemy. Now, if they are a little bit farther away you can press the R2 or Right Trigger and throw the knife towards the enemy. So it just depends on how close they are to each other or maybe it's like the last one.


Now, I have some settings that I recommend that you turn on. The first one is Enemy Outline. I recommend that you turn it on. You can also change the different colors if you wanted too, it's just depending on which one you like to prefer. Next one is Pickup Outline I recommend that you turn that on. This is for like collectibles, items, resources you want to have that one on.


Enemy Outline Settings, Far Cry 6

Next one is in Gameplays and Repeated Presses, this is for your QTEs I recommend that you turn that off. So all you have to do is hold down the button.

Far Cry 6, Gameplay Settings, Repeated Presses

So those are the three settings that I recommend that you set up.

Next up is the Slide Takedown: So let's say you're out of ammo or maybe you got caught while you're running through an enemies area and you can't do that. Take Takedown will just run straight at the enemy slide into them. You'll knock them right off their feet and then you can quickly do the takedown.  

So if you want to discover things that are close by on the map a little bit faster there's three things you can do. You can bribe a soldier and then they will tell you a location on the map that's close by it could be a base, it could be a checkpoint, it could be an armor, weapon or you can rescue the soldier and set them free. They're going to tell you about another location or if you're just doing some normal traveling and you run into one of your scouts they will tell you a location. They all say pretty much the same thing and they are very easy to spot because they will have an icon above their head but there was one time where I ran into one of my scouts that didn't have the icon above their head. So if you happen to recognize a scout from before go ahead and talk to them because they will reveal something for you too.

Now, earlier I mentioned I recommend that you build the hideout network well you also want to go there and check in with your scouts every so often. When you talk to them they are going to reveal something on the map too. So I like to bounce around at all those different hideouts and talk to them and have them discover something that's close by.


Now let’s take a look at the Perks: They do tell you this early in the game and they are really helpful on your gear. It could be something like automatically put out fire, help you with the fishing or follow the markers, you know you're going to see blue markers throughout the whole map they could lead you to like a lookout. It could lead you to a box that has a weapon or armor. So just follow those blue markers.


Our final tip is to mod your weapon to counter enemies, you'll see them at the bench where to show you the different ways that you can counter different enemies, make sure that you mod a couple of them so that you have those in your inventory. This will definitely help you out especially later on.