New World: Get Lazarus Instrumentality Key, Tuning Orb?

In New World, to enter the Lazarus Instrumentality expedition you need a key. In this short tutorial we’ll show you how to get this Tuning Orb?


While the game relies much of its gameplay on World PvP and trades dungeons, or expeditions, are also a sizeable part of Amazon's play. However to access it players need a key, and The Lazarus Instrumentality is no exception.


Players can get the key to the Lazarus Instrumental Expedition by crafting it from the Stone Cutting Table.


Where can you find the Lazarus dungeon key in New World?


In New World, the Lazarus Instrumentality is a level 65 expedition and only the most experienced and best equipped players will be able to complete it. To get the dungeon key players can simply craft it with a trade.


How do you craft Lazarus' Instrumental key (Tuning Orb)? At the Stone cutting table you will be able to craft it with 20 Corrupted Lodestones, 1 Asmodeum Chisel, 10 Runestones and 1 Lazarus Core. The level of trade and workshop required to make it is still unknown.


Find below the map with the expedition location.

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