New World: How to Get and Use Briar Branches, Spawn Areas

In New World, you will find are many resources from which you can craft various items. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get and use Briar Branches.


Briar Branches are usually located near rivers or lakes. There are some occurrences, especially in Windsward. If you open the map, you will see a river right next to Windsward, which is also noted as a fishing spot.


In the west there are other rivers or lakes that are filled with Briar Branches. There are also many Briar Branches at the fishing lake, where there is also a fast travel point. Follow the river south to find more of these thorny bushes.


Run along the banks and look around for Briar Branches. They don't have as many leaves as a normal bush from which they extract wood. They quickly go under between some normal bushes. Therefore, pay particular attention to the item name that is displayed to you as soon as you stand in front of the bush.

New World, How to Get,  Briar Branches, Spawn Areas, Location Guide

If you stand in front of the Briar Branches, New World shows you the action key "E". Hold it down so that you cut the thorn bush and get its branches and buds. You don't need a sickle, as other plants sometimes do, or any other tool. Accordingly, there is no level requirement for getting them.


In addition to the Briar Branches, you will occasionally find Briar buds, from which you can make weak mana potions. Fireflies can also be found when one or the other thorny plant is broken down. They are mainly used as bait when fishing. They increase your chances of finding a rare fish in fresh water.