Among Us: How to unlock Arcane skins? Cosmetic Items List

To celebrate the release of the Arcane series on Netflix, many collaborations take place, with different video games. The next one to see the light of day is going to be with Among Us , from November 12th to December 31st. A long list of Arcane skins and cosmetics will be unlockable in the game, thanks to the new system: the Cosmicube !


The Cosmicube is a pass, in which it is possible to progress to unlock cosmetics, using different resources. Each Cosmicube is on a specific theme, and the very first will be on Arcane.


To unlock the Arcane skins in Among Us, you will need to go through the Cosmicube. You can progress in this Pass, and choose the different cosmetics you want to unlock, in exchange for specific resources: stars or even beans!


The list of Arcane skins and cosmetics in Among Us is quite long, enough to satisfy a large number of players:


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Heimerdinger's hair

Heimerdinger's mustache

Heimerdinger's outfit

Heimerdinger's poro

The gendarme's helmet

Constable's armor

Caitlyn's cap

Caitlyn's uniform

Vi's hair

Vi's clothes

Jinx's hair

Jinx's glasses

Jinx's clothes

Jayce's hair

Jayce's board holding


Claggor's glasses


These skins will only be available from November 12 through December 31, so don't delay!