Best Settings to Run Halo Infinite Smoothly, Fix Stuttering

In this guide, will give you the best settings to run Halo Infinite Smoothly on your without stuttering on your PC.

First, let’s optimize the Windows

Game Mode - On

Xbox Game Bar - Off



Background Recording - Off

Recorded Audio - Off

Make sure that your graphics driver is up-to-date.

Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - On

If you are playing the Halo Infinite on a Laptop, then make sure that you use Balance or High Performance.


Now, open the game settings

Best Settings, Run Smoothly, Halo Infinite, Fix Stuttering


Field Of View - 105 (in case if you're struggling with your fps lower this to 78 (default), you can even go a little bit lower to improve your fps.

Display Adapter - Use your dedicated GPU

Display Monitor - make sure that this is your display monitor

Borderless Fullscreen - Checked

Resolution Scale - 100% (if your graphics card is a bit older one then scale it down to 90 - 70%)

Minimum Frame Rate - 60

Maximum Frame Rate - 168 (adjust them according to your monitor)

Vsync - Checked

Limit Inactive Frame Rate - Unchecked

Quality Preset - Custom

Anti-Aliasing - Low

Texture Filtering and Texture Quality - Ultra (depends on the amount of Vram that you have on your GPU)

Ambient Occlusion - Medium

Geometry Quality - Medium

Reflection - Off

Depth of Field - Low

Shadow Quality - Medium

Lighting Quality - Low

Volumetric Fog Quality - Off

Cloud Quality - Low

Dynamic Wind - Off

Ground Cover Quality - Low

Effect Quality - Low

Decal Quality - Low

Animation Quality - Auto

Terrain Quality - Medium

Simulation Quality - Low

Flocking Quality - Off

Blur - 0%

Screen Shake - 0%

Exposure - 30 %

Full Screen Effects - 0%

Speed Lines - Checked

Sharpening - 30%