In this guide, will give you the best settings to run Halo Infinite Smoothly on your without stuttering on your PC.

First, let’s optimize the Windows

Game Mode - On

Xbox Game Bar - Off



Background Recording - Off

Recorded Audio - Off

Make sure that your graphics driver is up-to-date.

Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - On

If you are playing the Halo Infinite on a Laptop, then make sure that you use Balance or High Performance.


Now, open the game settings

Best Settings, Run Smoothly, Halo Infinite, Fix Stuttering


Field Of View - 105 (in case if you're struggling with your fps lower this to 78 (default), you can even go a little bit lower to improve your fps.

Display Adapter - Use your dedicated GPU

Display Monitor - make sure that this is your display monitor

Borderless Fullscreen - Checked

Resolution Scale - 100% (if your graphics card is a bit older one then scale it down to 90 - 70%)

Minimum Frame Rate - 60

Maximum Frame Rate - 168 (adjust them according to your monitor)

Vsync - Checked

Limit Inactive Frame Rate - Unchecked

Quality Preset - Custom

Anti-Aliasing - Low

Texture Filtering and Texture Quality - Ultra (depends on the amount of Vram that you have on your GPU)

Ambient Occlusion - Medium

Geometry Quality - Medium

Reflection - Off

Depth of Field - Low

Shadow Quality - Medium

Lighting Quality - Low

Volumetric Fog Quality - Off

Cloud Quality - Low

Dynamic Wind - Off

Ground Cover Quality - Low

Effect Quality - Low

Decal Quality - Low

Animation Quality - Auto

Terrain Quality - Medium

Simulation Quality - Low

Flocking Quality - Off

Blur - 0%

Screen Shake - 0%

Exposure - 30 %

Full Screen Effects - 0%

Speed Lines - Checked

Sharpening - 30%


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