Best Settings to run Lost Ark Smoothly on Old or New PC

In this guide, we’ll show you the best settings to run Lost Ark smoothly on high-end or low-end PC.

First, let’s optimize the Windows


Game Mode - ON

Xbox Game Bar - OFF

Make sure to Disable overlay like the Discord overlay, AMD, Nvidia


Background Recording - OFF

Recorded Audio - OFF

Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - ON

Make sure to update your graphics driver software


If you are using Laptop then make sure to change your power option to balance or the high performance.

Next, right click your LOSTARK.exe file (you can find this one in the Steam folder where you install your game) - go to properties - go to compatibility, make sure that you check the Disable fullscreen optimization.


Click Change high DPI settings and make sure to activate High DPI scaling override option.


Now, let's open the game settings

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Video Settings

All - Custom

Texture Quality - Very High ( if you have 4GB or more of Vram), High (3GB or more of Vram) Medium (2GB or more of Vram) Low ( less than 2GB Vram)

Shadow Quality - Medium

Character Quality - Medium

Particle Quality - Low

Anti-Aliasing - Inactive

Better Depth of Field - Uncheck

Indirect Shadow - Uncheck

Colorblind Filter - Inactive

Post Processing FX Advanced Settings

Bloom Effect - Uncheck

Flare Effect - Uncheck

Distortion Effect - Uncheck

Motion Blur - Uncheck

HUD Size Adjustment - 100%