Clash Mini Beginner's Guide

Clash Mini, the strategy and board game from Supercell is now available in beta in some parts of the world. In this article, we’ll give you some useful tips to help you get through the game.


Read All Spells - each unit in Clash Mini will have its own spells with effects and bonuses on enemies and allies. It will therefore important to read all the spells carefully in order to know how to merge them to form the best possible team.


Analyze your units - the other important point when you start playing will be looking at how your units move, who they attack first, their interactions, etc. in order to be able to place them as efficiently as possible thereafter. Also remember that your opponent can move his units from round to round and make your characters less effective. As always, some will be better than others.


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Do the quests - within the game, you will be able to do quests to obtain various rewards. These quests are usually not too complicated and so you can get gold easily. Also, remember not to spend the money you get by doing quests in the store, but save it to upgrade units or a really worthwhile purchase.


Don't play rumble - if you want to improve and climb the ladder, we advice you not to participate in the rumble mode which can be fun, but which does not allow you to obtain interesting rewards.