FH5: Fix Controller Disconnect, Not Detect or Working

In this article, we’ll give you some useful tips on fixing your controller issues, whether it’s disconnecting, not detecting or just not working at all with Forza Horizon 5 on PC.

So let’s start with some simple fixes

- Restart the controller

- Restart the game

- Restart your PC


If none of these three fixes work for you then open the game and go to the options - advanced controls and turn off the Vibration. Then re-launch the game and see if things are working properly.

Forza Horizon 5, FH5, Fix Controller Disconnecting, Not Detected, Not Working

If you're still having issues and if you're a user of Logitech G Hub Razer software etc. according to the community closing those software is something that can fix your issues.

Now, if you play the FH5 on Steam then there’s couple of fixes that you can try inside of the Steam locate and right-click on Forza Horizon 5, then click Properties go to Controller - Use default settings and then Disable Steam Input. After that you can disconnect the controller and re-connect it into your PC. Then restart the game and see whether it’s working.  If that doesn't work for you come back here and change it to Enable Steam Input then open up the game and see if things are fixed otherwise you can leave this as default.

Another solution that we can try is clicking Steam in the very top left then clicking settings then inside of the pop up window click Controller tab. Then click General Controller Settings inside of the pop up window you can choose and customize support for each of different controllers there simply by ticking them and of course you'll have your detected controllers there which you can calibrate and change preferences. After customizing your controller open up the game and see if things have fixed.

Another thing that you can try is go into your library locate Forza Horizon 5 then click Manage Game - Controller Configuration then press OK. Click Controller Options and change the Steam Input Per-Game Setting (requires game re-launch) to force off re-launch the game and see if things are fixed otherwise try a forced on re-launch the game and see if things are fixed.


If none of these working for you then you can try to play with a PlayStation controller and use something like DS4Windows. It's a super simple solution all you have to do is open up Forza horizon 5 then open the DS4Windows settings then simply tick Hide DS4 Controller. Upon doing so your controller may connect and things will be great otherwise wait a few seconds and then re-enable this option and in a few more seconds your controller should then be working.


If you're using something like x360ce something else you can try and do is reinstall that or check your configuration to see that things are working properly, specially if you're using something other than a common Xbox controller, PlayStation controller etc…