Fixes and Changes in BF42 PS4 Update, November 25

After releasing a short update recently, the developer EA announced its plans for the second update of Battlefield 2042 (BF42). In the patch notes EA mentioned that it will be much more important and will affect in particular the stability of the servers and the balancing of the weapons. The developers have also revealed about the next 2 updates.


The release date for this update is set for November 25, 2021 on BF42. The developer has published a long article on its official website detailing the content of upcoming BF42 updates, including Update # 2 which arrives on November 25. Here is a list of the most notable fixes and changes in this update.


Server performance and stability: Fixed hitmarkers, classes on spawning issues as well as performance hardware issues on Xbox Series X / S and PC.


Gameplay of weapons and vehicles: Fixed aiming and Aim Assist issues as well as hovercraft health and Nightbird 20mm cannon damage. The scattering of bullets from shotguns, other than shotguns, has been reduced.

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Experience gains in Battlefield Portal: Limitations in experience gained to prevent easy farming.


Other changes to the interface, matchmaking, Battlefield Portal, Hazard Zone


Electronic Arts also announced that Update # 3 will go live in early December. At the start of 2022, the publisher will also unveil what is in store for Season 1 of BF42.