How to get Total War Warhammer 3 on Game Pass for PC?

After confirming the release date of Total War Warhammer 3 (TWW3), the developer also revealed that the game will be available on Game Pass for PC. This will allow subscribers to download and play the full game as soon as it is released in 2022.


To get the TWW 3 on PC players will simply need to have an active Microsoft Game Pass subscription when the game is released on February 17, 2022. It will then be sufficient to simply download the game to enjoy it as long as the subscription is active and the game is part of the catalog.


How to get Total War Warhammer 3, TWW3, Game Pass, PC

The Game Pass for PC is currently available at $1 for the first 3 months and then at $9.99. The Ultimate subscription, which includes the PC Game Pass, is $1 for the first month and then $12.99 per month. It should also be noted that without any action on the part of the user, the subscription is renewed automatically.