How to make Snowman, Unlock Cinnabar Spindle: Genshin Impact

In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a snowman and unlock a new sword called “Cinnabar Spindle” for the Dragonspine event in Genshin Impact Shadow Amidst Snowstorms.


This is very easy task, just go to the Dragonspine Special training – tap over once to the tracker training. For this event you just need to melt eight ice crystals. You can do the first two events on day one. So I recommend just quickly complete them so that you have enough in order to make the snowman. It only takes you probably a minute or two to get them both done.


Another thing I recommend to use amber or unless you have a really good fire character to get this done very quickly.


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Once you’ve completed the two events just go into the menu again where the event is and then claim your reward. After that just locate the snowman on the map, when you get close enough to it it'll give you just a quick tutorial but over to the right is where you can make the snowman. Just select one item for each part and then save it.


Afterwards just go back into the event menu and claim your Cinnabar Spindle sword.