Best Settings to run COD Warzone Pacific on PC, Fix Stutter

In this guide, we’ll show you the best settings to run Call of Duty Warzone Pacific without stuttering and freezing.

First, let’s optimize the Windows for CoD Warzone Pacific.

Gamemode - On 

Xbox Game Bar - Off  (I recommend to deactivate this because it’s causing stuttering)



Background Recording - Off

Recorded Audio - Off

Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling - On

Make sure that your graphics driver is up-to-date


Power option -  make sure that you're using Balance or High Performance


Now let's go inside of the game - Graphics Settings



Display Mode - Fullscreen

Display Monitor - Make sure that you're using the proper monitor

Display Adapter - Make sure to select your dedicated GPU

Screen Refresh Rate - Make sure that you have the refresh rate of your monitor

Render Resolution - 100 um

Dynamic Resolution - Disabled

Aspect Ratio - Automatic 

Sync Every Frame (V-Sync) - Disabled

Custom Frame Rate - I recommend to lock your fps if you're playing on the laptop and you have like a 60 earth screen. Don't go too crazy with your fps even if you have like 90 or 100 earth screen. Sometimes your thermal will go very high and after that you will have some troubles with your CPU and GPU and you will start lagging.

Brightness - 50

Best Settings, COD Warzone Pacific, PC, Fix Stutter


Field Of View - 105

Camera Movement - Least - 50%

Streaming Quality - this depends on your Vram, if you have more than 4GB of Vram go with Normal and less than 4 GB go with Low.

Texture Resolution - High (if you have more than 4GB Vram)

Texture Filter Anisotropic - High (if you have more than 4GB Vram)

Particle Quality - Low

Bullet Impacts & Sprays - Enabled

Tessellation - Near

Dismemberment & Gore Effects - Disabled

On-demand Texture Streaming - Standard Quality


Post Processing Effects

Filmic Strength - 0.00

Film Grain - 0.00

Anti -Aliasing - Off

Depth of Field - Disabled

World Motion Blur - Disabled

Weapon Motion Blur - Disabled

Shadow & Lighting

Shadow Map Resolution - Low

Cache Spot Shadows - Enabled  

Cache Sun Shadows - Enabled

Particle Lighting - Low

DirectX Raytracing - Disabled

Ambient Occlusion - Disabled

Screen Space Reflection (SSR) - Disabled