Everything we know about the new Google mobile OS Fuchsia

According to the latest rumor coming from South Korea, in the near future Samsung could replace android and use Google’s new Fuchsia OS on its upcoming mobile devices.


In case if you haven't heard about Fuchsia OS, it is basically considered as a successor of Android. It's a new operating system that is being developed by Google that could run on future pixel devices and Chromebooks. It's got certain developer level advantages over Android, like a better kernel, new toolkit for applications. Basically, the stuff that will allow Google to have even better control on the software combined with their own chip in return giving users the best software experience.


It seems like Samsung is very much interested in this project. There is a possibility that both companies are working on it. We have seen Samsung X Google this year at its best. They did a wonderful job creating the Tizen Wear OS for smart watches and not to mention Google doing a fantastic job by optimizing the software for the Galaxy Fold. Also Samsung's major role with the camera hardware of the pixel 6 series as well as the chip, these companies are working together.

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So like I mentioned, it is possible that this may be another big Samsung X Google collaboration for the future.