How to Get Started Payphone Hit: GTA 5 Online Contract DLC?

In this quick guide, we’ll show you how you can play the Payphone Hit Missions in GTA Online, the Contract DLC.


If you’re wondering how to unlock the Hit Missions in Payphone Hit Missions in GTA Online the Contract DLC, to unlock the Payphone Hit Missions what you have to do is complete a total of three security contracts.


In order to play security contracts you have to make your way to the office or if you've already done one security contract you can then call Franklin and request one. My advice that you go to the office so you can select your own security contract, for the simple reason that there is a mission that is called Asset Protection this mission requires you to stand still for 10 minutes and kill a few enemies here and there. Not a very interesting mission at all and probably best to be avoided. So for that reason try to pick something more fun or if you don't care just call Franklin.

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After you have completed these three security contracts, Franklin will give you a call as soon as you've done the third mission then you will have the ability to find a payphone around the map. Unfortunately, this requires you to go around the entire map until you find the payphone. You’ll want to look out for the phone icon, as soon as you get into the vicinity of the pay phone you will get this icon pop up on your mini map and or your map and then you simply have to go there and then press the appropriate button to pick up the phone.


Unfortunately, there's quite a few possible payphone locations on the map. On your screen you can see how many there are. Luckily though after you have found this payphone and you've completed the first mission you'll then be able to call Franklin and just simply request one. He will then send you to the nearest payphone and then you can do yet another mission. There is however, a 20 minute cooldown in between all of these missions and there's also some other cool things attached to it too.


In these payphone hit missions, you will get a base payment of fifteen thousand dollars. However, if you were to meet the requirements of the special request from the client you can get a bonus of seventy thousand dollars meaning that you can earn a total of eighty five thousand dollars in relatively very little time.