Maps Available to Play in Farming Simulator 2022 FS 22

The latest entry in the Farming Simulator 2022 FS22, the famous agricultural simulation game, is available since November on all major consoles and PC.

As in the previous installment, players can go to different maps. Presently, only three maps are available to play and the fourth map will be added in the fall of 2022 as it was announced by the developers by presenting the Year 1 Season Pass.



Elmcreek consists of a rocky canyon, a hidden cave, underground railway passages, but also a baseball stadium. The area is strongly reminiscent of the landscapes of the American Midwest. It is possible to find 82 fields on this map.

Elmcreek Map, Farming Simulator 2022, FS 22


Erlengrat is inspired by the German regions close to the Swiss Alps. You will find in this area steep hills and all the buildings will have German-Swiss architecture. This map consists of 25 fields.

Erlengrat, Map, Farming Simulator 2022, FS 22


Haut-Beyleront is inspired by many regions of France such as New Aquitaine, Provence, the Alps or even the Côte d'Azur. The landscape strongly resembles that of Beynac-et-Cazenac. On this map, you will find 48 fields to cultivate.

Haut-Beyleron Map, Maps Available, Farming Simulator 2022, FS 22


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