Which Weapons to Choose in Warzone Pacific Season 1?

Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard Season 1 introduced 40 plus new weapons to the Battle Royale.


Although, season 1 and Caldera have just released some weapons have already started to take hold in this new Meta on Warzone.


Find below the list of the best weapons in the new Call of Duty: Warzone. However, this list will change with the various patches and updates from the developer Raven Software.


Automaton (Assault Rifle / AR)

Top Break (Akimbo) (Pistols)

NZ-41 (Assault rifle / AR)

PPSH-41 ( Submachine gun / SMG)

Combat shotgun (Shotgun)

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Other weapons like the STG 44 and Kar 98k are also quite popular right now on Warzone Pacific.