Best Settings to Run God of War (2022), Fix Stuttering

In this guide, we’ll show you the best Windows and GPU settings to run God of War smoothly without FPS drops or Stuttering on PC.



Game Mode - On

Xbox Game Bar - Off

Background Recording - Off

Recorded Audio - Off

Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - On

Also, make sure that you have the latest graphics driver installed on your PC.

Under the power option make sure that you use Balance or High Performance (laptop)


Now, let's optimize the game settings


Video Device - make sure that you have your graphic card showing here

Monitor - leave the default setting  

Display mode - Borderless

Aspect Ratio - Auto

V-Sync - On

FPS Limit - Off

Motion Blur - 0

Film Grain - 3

Best Settings, God of War, 2022, Fix Stuttering


Nvidia Reflex Low Latency - On (Nvidia users)

Resolutions Scaling

DLSS - Ultra

FidelityFX Super Resolution - Off

Render Scale - 100%


Preset - Custom

Texture Quality - Ultra (depends on the amount of vram)

Model Quality - High

Anisotropic Filter - Ultra

Shadows - Original

Reflections - Original

Atmospherics - Original

Ambient Occlusion - High