In this short tutorial, we’ll show you the best settings to run League of Legends (LoL) Season 12 smoothly on high-end or low-end PC.


First, we're going to start with some optimization in Windows after that we're going to look at the launcher and we will finalize with the in-game settings.


Game Mode - On

Xbox Game Bar - Off


Background Recording - Off

Recorded Audio - Off

Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - On


Also, make sure that you have the latest graphics driver updates.


Under the power option make sure that you're running Balance or High Performance.


Now, for the launcher you have a couple of optimization that you can do that will really help.

First, click on gear icon on the top right corner.

General - [Checked] Enable Low Spec Mode

Also, if you have issue with your launcher or with your game you can Initiate Full Repair.

Notification - [Checked] Disable Esports notifications.

Interface - [Un-Checked] Enable HUD Animations

Game - [Checked] Prefer DX9 Legacy Mode


Best Settings, League of Legends, LoL, Season 12, PC

Now let's open the game settings

OPTION - Video

Resolution - Native

Window Mode - Full Screen

[Un-Checked] Enable Screen shake

Character Quality - Medium

Environment Quality - Medium

Effects Quality - Very Low

Shadow Quality - Off  

[Un-Checked] Character linking


Frame Rate Cap - make sure to match your screen rate

[Un-Checked] Anti-Aliasing

[Checked] Wait for Vertical Sync

on 1/10/22


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